At Life Matters NYC, we believe that people can reach their true potential with hard work and support. We work with clients to feel empowered. As therapists, our role is to help clients find, develop, and cultivate the good that already exists within them.


To our couples and married clients, we believe that being in a relationship can be challenging but very rewarding! 
Marriage and Couple‚Äôs therapists Trudy-Ann Gayle, Ph.D. & Arron Muller, LMSW feel that being in a meaningful, rewarding, and fulfilling relationship means working together to gain a deeper understanding of differences. 


Dr. Gayle and Mr. Muller are a married couple working jointly with couples. Together, they inspire couples to open their hearts in ways they never thought possible. As a team, they model healthy communication and provide couples with tools to deal more effectively with every day relationship stressors. 


They both have learned from years of experience that encouraging couples to reveal their deeper anxieties, hurts, and despair in a safe emotional setting can begin the process of finding greater happiness and fulfillment. We have a special interest in working with minority couples.

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